Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day

 Well another week has passed by so quickly.  We stay so busy at the office and I am so tired when we come home that I hardly have the energy to do much else besides the basics.  Last Saturday afternoon the Howards came over to play games.  I bought these yummy french pastries for us to share.   Sister Howard always brings popcorn.  We have a good time munching on goodies and playing either Mexican Train or Hand and Foot.
 One evening this week we were driving home and I wanted to take pictures of these tents.  All over the streets of Montreal, people put up these tents in their driveways and also on the paths to their front doors.  The tents shelter the cars and the people from all of the snow and bad weather.
 I was surprised the first time I saw a block full of tents, but now we're used to them.  Although winter snows are not gone, quite a few of the tents have been taken down.  I guess the Montrealers are hoping for spring.  I think they have a long wait coming because it's still very cold and just today we had another snow storm.

 This morning we both woke up to find an identical Valentine's card to each other besides some other goodies.  I thought it was so funny.  Of all the cards that we could have gotten, we picked the very same one.


  1. The tents are such a good idea!

    You are of one heart and one mind! ♥

  2. I'm trying to remember who told me about the tents--such an unusual thing.

    Love that you gave each other matching cards!!!