Sunday, September 29, 2013

Office Adventures

 On Mondays lots of missionaries come into the office to do their p-day e-mails.  Elders Newman and Wright come in every day because they work with the young singles and they e-mail every day.  We have lots of fun with them.    Once every six weeks I fill zone orders for all of the missionaries.  Because our mission has more than doubled I now get to have help.  Thursday Elders Pistorious and Botello were the "lucky" ones to come in and help me gather supplies.  Both of these Elders are very shy and very quiet.  Elder P is brand new so he was especially so quiet and "all business".  After working together for over 3 hours getting things together and packing them up, they finally relaxed and had fun.  I knew I could get them to laugh and enjoy it.  These Elders are fine young men and very dedicated.  They helped me so much too.  We packed over 8 boxes average per zone.  Elder P took the initiative to copy and print of lots of forms for me too.  I really appreciated all of the help.

 Several weeks ago one of our sets of missionaries had a phone that exploded during the night.  They woke up to a strange smell.  When they went into the front room, they saw a room filled with smoke and an exploded phone.  Luckily they were not using the phone when it exploded.  Sister Nilsen and I were surprised to see it when it came in.  It was fried!  I deal with all of the phones in the mission so that is why the phone was being returned to me.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Farewell to Allens and Cannons, Christopher's Baptism, and fun Restaurant

There are 5 senior couples living in our building.  We take turns having FHE at our apartments.  Well my turn was coming up and we were having two of the couples leaving so I decided we needed to have a little farewell party for them.  Actually one of the couples isn't in our group, but we love them just the same.  Since our apts are so small I decided to hold the party in the conference room right next to the office.  Sister Nilsen and Abrams did the decorating.  The Cannons served an MLS mission.  He is the father of our mission pres that left in July.  He is 87 years old and going strong.  Elder Cannon was mission pres of one of the Florida missions in the past and this is his 5th mission.  His new wife has also served several missions.  These "newlyweds" both lost their spouses a few years ago.  Elder Cannon actually had 2 of his former wives die.  They are both so hard working and are such an example to all.  The Allens just finished serving their second mission in records preservation.  They worked in the Archives of Quebec.  Elder Allen served in England as a young missionary.  This couple is also a great example of faith and dedication.  
                                                      We had lots of yummy food.

                                                 We always have fun conversations.

 Last Saturday we went to the baptism of Christopher.  This lovely family is from Haiti and they are very dedicated to the Lord and in serving him.  He does a lot of traveling for his job training people in computer skills and helping fix computer problems for a large company.  She just graduated as a nurse, but is at the moment a stay at home mom.

I love driving past this fun restaurant called At my darling fat sow's.  See the darling sow in her leotard. This is a very expensive restaurant too.  Of course everything in Montreal is very expensive, but this one is a bit more so.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Visit

 When we went to the wedding, I got to meet baby Noah and baby Deo.  They were more yummy and adorable than I even expected.  It was so hard for me not to see them when they were first born.
 I also got to see little Penny and every one of my grandchildren and great grandchildren.  It was wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got to see JaNee expecting her very first baby and I got to be with every single one of my children whom I miss so much.

      Auntie and niece love each other so much.
 Sisters together for too short of a time.  Why do we have to live so far from each other?

                                             Son-in-law and Father-in law enjoying a chat.

Darling cousins practicing their letters.

                                            Papa and great granddaughter enjoying a moment.
                                                  I want to kiss his adorable cheeks again.
                                               Loved this photo of my great granddaughters.
                                                      Anna Banana, the BEST in the west !
                      Someone got my camera!  Cutie Jojo and I have lots of fun when we're together.

We enjoyed holding and loving our newest babies!

                                                       Is this not the cutest 6 week old baby?
 I am so happy that my kids like each other and enjoy spending time together.

I wish I could snuggle this cuteness and kiss his darling little face.

                                     Penny is happy and smiley all the time.  What a great baby.
                                             The bride and groom are ready for their big day.
                                                                       Pretty Penny Jane

                                            Sometimes they like to pile up and sit on each other.

 Always a lot of hugging and wrestling going on too.

We had the best visit and loved seeing everyone.  We are having a good mission and are doing what we know we should be, but it is so hard to be away from family.  That is the hard part of a mission!  Not complaining, just saying.  We are where we need to and want to be.  We want to serve the Lord and to help further His work. We love Him.