Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jenna, Clayton, Joneaux

 Jenna and Clayton were going to a wedding for his sister in Fresno, so they took a detour to see Anna and fam and visit the San Diego area.  We were so happy to spend some time with them and as you can see Joneaux has a terrific time.  This cute, little couple are "in love" and they are fun to be with.  We will see what the future holds for them.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Berias and Hawaiian Shaved Ice

While in the San Diego area we met up with some very good friends of ours, the Berias.  We went to the Spaghetti Factory and I thought the waiting area was so fancy and pretty.

 Kyle and Kristie with their son Devin.  Kyle practically grew up in our house.  He and Alec were the best of friends then and still are.  Oh the adventures!!!!  Those boys gave me a lot of grey hairs. Ha.  We love Kyle and consider him like another son.  Interestingly enough Kyle and Alec married sisters and the 4 of them love each other and love spending time together whenever they can.

One year when they were just youth, I was on a youth conference trip, as a chaperone for the girls from our ward.  Alec, Kelly, and Kristie were Seniors and Kyle was already graduated.  The conference was held at UC Santa Barbara.  The area is just beautiful and the conference was totally fantastic.  One evening, however, toward the end of the week, Kyle slips over the wall to see Alec and to check out the activities (girls).  That was the evening that the two friends met the two sisters.  From that day on they were all inseparable and the rest is history.  Both couples have been married for over 20 years and have a fantastic relationship with their spouses and each other.  It has been fun to see them grow and mature.
 Peg and Norm have been good friends for many, many years.  We spent many, many days, holidays, and vacations together when the kids were all little.  Then they moved to San Diego area.  We see them whenever we can and always have a good time together.  Peg is a gifted seamstress and crafter.  Oh the things she makes all the time.  They are just beautiful.  Norm is a computer guru from the get go.  He knew computers even before they were popular. He is also retired military and cancer survivor.   Norm plays drums and he is the best dancer.  I love dancing with him to the 50's and 60's music.   Peg says that's too old for her.  She enjoys the 70's music.  The years just pass too, too fast.  Where does the time go, I always wonder?  John always says our youth is in the future.

 One day after picking little Joneaux up from school we went to the Hawaiian Sno Shack.

 As you can see, he REALLY enjoyed it.  Joneaux is the cutest kid.  I just love him.

A few years ago, I guess quite a few, before sno shacks were popular in the U.S., Anna and Ama had loved them when they lived in Hawaii.  When they got back home, Amadeo built one on one of the San Diego beaches and set it up for one of his friends.  The friend still has the shack up and running even though he now hires someone to run it because he has a "real" job.  I guess every job is real, but you get what I mean.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Anna and Amadeo's anniversary

 We went to Truluck's to celebrate Anna and Amadeo's anniversary.  Oh my goodness but the food was soooooooo delicious.   They are the cutest couple.  We are loving spending some time with them.

                                                   I started with lobster bisque.
                                                     Then a crab, shrimp stack.
                                               The main course was stone crab.

                     I went seafood all the way and chose shrimp rice and mushrooms for sides.
 They got a raspberry/ chocolate cake for dessert which we all took bites of.  Noone could eat a full dessert by themselves.  We were just too stuffed.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Anna's B'day party continued

 Sunday after church we went to Anna's in-laws for a continuation of her birthday celebration.  Anna and Amadeo cooked a ton of delicious food; carne asada, marinaded Mexican chicken, guacamole, salads, tortillas, etc, etc etc.  They are the best cooks.  The best!!!!!!  There were lots of friends there and lots of babies too.
 Anna baked the most delicious cupcakes.  They were white cake with raspberry filling that was out of this world delicious.  I think she would win Cupcake Wars.
 Coco with Mommy Kera.
 Bowen with Mommy Dominique.
 Nana with Charlie.
 Elke and Allan
 Joneaux and all of the kids loved the cupcakes and the adults loved them as well.

 Erika with Eli and Eva.

 Some of the Mommies watching the kids on the trampoline.

Donny has been a friend of Amadeo's since childhood and now they are both Fathers.

 Monday we went to the Lotus Thai Bistro for lunch.
 Joneaux loved the food and he also liked making an orange mustache.  Funny boy.  He is adorable.

Baby boy's quilt

Little Joneux is going to be the big brother.  We are all so excited and can't wait.

We are just loving our visit here with them.   I made the baby a quilt.

                      It will keep him nice and warm and I hope he will like the bright colors.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Winchester Ward Activity

 Saturday afternoon we went to Rocky and Ericka's ward activity.  It was held at the "home" mansion of one of the members of their stake.  Oh my gosh look at these photos of the place.  It was huge and so so nice.  This is the outdoor pool.  It is huge.
 The curvy thing on the right is a gigantic water slide.  You walk up the hill and then there are two slides side by side.
 In the bath house (pictured below) is this huge indoor pool.  There is also a full basketball court, kitchen, game room, activity room, and others.

 Joneaux loved being in the water most of the day.
 Here is cute Anna.  Only 7 weeks to go til the baby will be here.
 Joneaux loved being in the boat too.  There was a little incident where he was floating and one of these little boats floated right over him.  He was stuck under the boat and when he came out his eyes were wide open and he was very frightened.  Luckily Amadeo was right there to grab him.  It just takes a second for something to happen.  Very scary.  Good job Amadeo.

 Here is the house.
 The little beach area.

It was soooooooo hot that day.  I was just sweltering.  Those that were in the water felt just right.