Sunday, July 28, 2013

Quebec City Senior Trip

 We were able to go on a senior missionary couples trip yesterday to Quebec City.  We had such a great time.  Quebec City is so beautiful!  We first went to the Plains of Abraham where the British and the French had a big battle.  In September of 1759 the 7 year war or the French/Indian war, as it is known in the United States came to an end.  The French General Mont Calm fought the troops of the British General James Wolfe.  General Wolfe secretly moved his forces down the St Lawrence (photo above) and then up the cliffs, during the night, to the plains of Abraham.  Apparently the front British solders, who spoke French, fluently tricked the French into thinking they were French soldiers coming to help. Battle ensued and the British won.  This battle gave the British control over New France, later Quebec, and ended French power in what in now a part of Canada.  General Wolfe died on the field and General Mont Calm died later of wounds received during the battle.
                                                Here is our little excursion group.
                           Just a little sample of some of the cannons.  You can see the balls inside.

We then drove into old town Quebec and past the Citadel.  Here is the beautiful, very large boardwalk with the St. Lawrence in the back.
The castle Frontenac is huge and so beautiful.  We were not able to go inside because it is now closed, but we loved walking all around.

                                      The photo below is looking down on old town Quebec.

                                                 Part of the wall around the citadel.

For lunch we split into 2 groups.  The guys and Sister Allen had sub sandwiches and the 3 of us had the most delicious sushi.
After lunch we drove up to Montmorency Falls.  These smaller falls are called Bridal Veil Falls.  Just a little ways up the hill are these beautiful Montmorency Falls.  We took a tram all the way to the top.

                                               On the other side of the road is this bridge.
When you get off the tram, you arrive at the Montmorency Manor.  If you walk a ways, you can walk on a bridge right over the falls and go to the other side.  Everyone but me did that little hike.  Because of my bad foot, I had to stay and wait for them, but I didn't mind.
I was entertained by this fellow who welcomed everyone who got off the tram and told quite a few fun historical stories.  He is also a tour guide of the manor, but at this time no one wanted to take a tour.  He was impersonating Governer Haldimand who was the third governor of Quebec and who had Montmorency Manoir built.
There is a legend about La Dame Blance, or the white lady.  As the story goes Matilde, the white lady, fell in love with Louis.  Louis asked Matilde's father for her hand and since he was already well liked by the family the father readily accepted. They were engaged to be married.  Unfortunately this was the time of the great war and Louis went off to fight.  One legend says that the next day Matilde went to search for her lover and found his pale body killed in battle.  The other says that she mourned for a year and kept waiting for him to return home.  In any case, she was so distraught that she put on her beautiful white gown and veil and threw herself over the falls.  To this day people say that they see her in her white dress in the mists of the Falls.  Additionally, as she was walking, her veil got caught on some rocks and blew off thus creating the bridal veil falls.
To finish out our wonderful trip we stopped at Chocolat Favorit, a shop with the most delicious chocolates and famous ice cream cones that were tasty every lick.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Two days at the office

 After Sister Abrams arrived, the Bendios went back to their MLS calling and Sister Nielsen came to be her companion.  Because we have 21 new missionaries this transfer, we have all been so busy getting ready for them.  Sister Abrams needed to go wait for furniture and appliances for a couple of the apartments very, very early one morning, so we got to have Sister Nielsen come and stay with us from early morning until we went to the office.  Here she is primping and getting ready for the day.
It has been really fun to have her at a desk right across from me.  She is an awesome sister missionary and we have a good time together.  An interesting story is that when we were on our mission in France/Belgium, Sister Nielsen came to France to do an internship there.  She attended our JA's Center and went to church in the same ward as we did.  We got to know her quite well.  We all liked her right away.  Then when she got assigned to come to this mission we were all quite excited to get to see her and to be with her again.  I also got to meet her Mother who came to France to get her when Kami was done.  She has easily adjusted to being a mission secretary and is a great asset to the office.  I am so happy to be working with this great gal.

                                            Here she is all beautiful and ready for the day.
 That evening we substituted for the Howards institute class.  Well actually John did the teaching and I just had my little input with a few stories and anecdotes.  The class went really well.  The students loved Elder Arhets.  After class most of them came up and shook his hand and thanked him for a great lesson.  I got lots of hugs.

              Not all of them are in the photo because several had already gone, but the class was a pretty               fair size being it's a summer class.

                             District study takes place once a week.  After their study, the missionaries always come up to the office to chat with us, get supplies and also to have some candy, which we always have for them or to have some cookies or brownies or some other goody which we often have for them too.

Like I always say, the young missionaries are the best.  I love them and enjoy having them come up.  they are the best.  Above we have; Elder Heinzlemeir from Canada, E. McCook (Arizona), E, Godoy (Spain), E. Wilber (California), E. Smith (Canada). In front of him is E. Arias(Canada). Then we have E. Yunack (Vanuatu), E. Christensen (AF) E. Smith (Provo), E. Ruby (Colorado), Sister Bolanos( California ), S. Nilsen (AF), and S. Bourdon (France).

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lana's visit days 2 and 3

 Our vacation continued the next day by a very early rising.  I thought that the Botanical Gardens had free entrance. (Info given by my usually reliable missionaries), but because of some international exhibit there are no free entrances at this time.  We decided to go to the Biodome and Planetarium instead.  The tickets were too expensive to do both.  We began by looking a little bit around the outside of the Botanical Gardens.  There was this very pretty fountain.  My foot was still hurting, so I waited while the rest of the group walked around.  They found a fun little garden where you could touch and smell all of the flowers and plants.  It's a special garden for the visually impaired. They all like it a lot.

 That is the Olympic tower in the background.  The Olympic dome is right there too, but not visible in the photo.

 We went to the Biodome next.  This wonderful exhibit has four eco systems through which you can walk.  It is housed in what was the Velodrome for the 1976 Summer Olympics.  The first is the Tropical Forest which is a replica of a South American Rain Forest.  Next is the Laurentian Forest, a replica of the North American wilderness.  Then there is the Saint Lawrence marine eco system and finally the Arctic and Antarctic wilderness.  Each area had all of the authentic flaura and fauna.  Many of the animals, birds, etc were roaming free and we saw so many of them.  Of course the penguins and Arctic birds were behind glass.  In the Tropical Forest, Grace spotted a lemur, a poisonous red frog and lots of other animals.  The beautiful birds were flying overhead.  We really enjoyed  our visit there.

Then we walked across to the Planetarium which was also great.  We got to see two shows, both of which we all thought were excellent.

Here is Grace in a dinosaur egg.  Afterwards we went to eat Poutine at the Banquese.  Poutine is a typical Canadian dish of french fries covered in a gravy and served with cheese curds.  There are many other toppings that can be put on them too such as chicken, hamburger, veggies, etc.

When we got home one of the young adults, Victoria came over to watch Grace while the rest of us went to the Montreal Temple.  It was a wonderful experience to go there together.

After we got home from the temple it was quite late, but we still stayed up even later, talking and having a snack of baguettes, cheeses, pate, and salami.

 Saturday we went to Rigaud to Cabin du Sucre or Sugar Shack.
 We got to hear a presentation on how the Maple syrup is collected and then boiled down.  It takes 40 liters of sap to boil down to make 1 liter of syrup.  The syrup is very yummy.

 We had a great lunch there and had fun entertainment.  Grace was chosen to play in the international spoon group. They had a little lesson and then played their spoons.  It was so much fun.

That afternoon or rather early evening, Lana, Rob and Dad went walking along St Denis street.  This is a famous street full of cafes, shops, and tons of people.  They stopped at a Patisserie and bought lots of delicious pastries.  After they got back to the apt. we cut them up and got to sample lots of different ones.  Grace and I stayed home and played Phase 10 and chatted.  We loved our visit together.  I loved having them all come.  Sunday after church they left for their long drive home and we were left happy to have had them come here and so sad to see them leave.