Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Caitlyn and transfers

 Last Saturday Caitlyn got baptized by her friend.  Elders Baker and Ellis, two awesome missionaries, have been teaching her for about 3 months.  I was lucky enough to teach her also.  These two Elders have been coming to the office every day.  Elder Baker is from Canada and Elder Ellis is from Utah.  Elder Ellis is an apple guy.  He has been working at the apple store in SLC since he was 16 years old.  He has whipped our office here into shape with all of his computer skills.  Whenever we have a problem, he solves it for us.  He is also very spiritually inclined and he and Elder Baker are great gospel teachers.  Caitlyn is a wonderful girl.  She has applied to and is now waiting for an acceptance letter from one of the top universities here in Montreal to study for her Masters degree.  Caitlyn grew up a Catholic and said that she was always a believer in Jesus Christ and God, but that she always felt something was missing.  Her friend invited her to sports night and that is how she became acquainted with the missionaries.  She had the lessons, studied a lot, read the Book of Mormon and when she prayed about it, she knew the truthfulness of the things that she read and of the truthfulness of the book.  She has had quite a bit of opposition in her life, but she has overcome her trials and is looking forward to a full and happy life.

 Today is transfer day again in the mission.  New missionaries arrived last night and 2 missionaries have gone home.  Everyone is excited about the changes and some have a few sad feelings about leaving one area and going to another area.  All will be well though.  Elder Heder was one of our favorite Elders.  He actually lives just a few miles from where we live at home.  It was always fun to talk to him when he came into the office.

 These five Elders came into the office often and we really grew fond of them too.  They are always so pleasant and upbeat.  I loved talking to them each time they came to the office.  The missionaries are the best part of being on the mission.  They are all such awesome young men and women.

Elder Rasmussen is from our city back home.  He taught me how to use John's Blackberry and how to transfer pictures from the camera to the computer to the printer.  Next to him are Elder Bagnall from Arizona and Elder Teuira from Tahiti.  They have been the AP's.  Elder Babin, from France is one of the new AP's.  Elder Bagnall will be leaving next month to go home.  Elder Olsen is fairly new to the mission, but is already proving to be great missionary.  It is so interesting to know that one of our most favorite young adults from France, Eduard, is now the brother-in-law to Elder Babin.  In fact, Eduard and his wife just had a little baby boy and so Elder Babin is a brand new uncle.  It has been fun to talk to him because he knows several of the young adults that we worked with on our other mission. I love talking to the young missionaries and feeling of their spirit.  I love to help them in any way that I can and they are always so appreciative.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Marc Andre

 Last Sunday Marc Andre got baptized.  This young man is from Haiti.  He left Haiti and lived in Mexico and then moved to Canada.  Amazingly enough the missionaries met him on the Metro.  They began teaching him the gospel only one month ago.  He immediately felt it was true and after studying and praying about it, he wanted to be baptized.  Marc Andre is very friendly and very nice.  He is so excited to continue growing and learning more.  He had a huge smile on his face the whole time we were there.  Elders McMurrin and Fronk are awesome missionaries.  They too had smiles on their faces all day. It is so exciting when someone finds the truth and changes their life for the better.

 When we first came to the mission office, Sister LeVitre told me that she was given this orchid that she didn't really like but that she watered just to keep the sister who gave it to her happy.  When she left she gave it and another one to me and said that I could keep them or throw it away.  They were just little plants that had the roots growing out of the soil.  Sister LeVitre started cutting them off and I asked her not too because they needed to be there, but she snipped them all off anyway.  I didn't know if the plants would survive.  I really never took care of an orchid before, but I started taking care of them.  I am excited that this one has bloomed and has several buds that will bloom soon.  The other plant is doing well too and I'm hoping it too will have pretty blooms.

 Every Monday is P-day for the missionaries.  Quite a few of the companionships come into the office to sent e-mails to their families.  We schedule a companionship for every hour.  They like to start coming in about 10:00.  While some type the others are chatting with each other or with us.  I love to talk with the young missionaries.  They are always so much fun and we get to know each other quite well.  Above are Sisters Nielsen and Lopez.  They work with the young adults.
Here are Elders Umana and Reid.  They were looking at something very interesting.
 Elder Heder is from Pleasant Grove just next to where we live.  He and Elder Reid are one of the zone leaders for this transfer.
Elder Umana is from Chili. He has just received approval from the University there to keep his scholarship and to continue his studies after his mission.  He is studying to be a research engineer in the medical field and work in a lab.  He is half way done with his studies.  Elder Fernandez wants to be a surgeon.  They make great companions.