Sunday, March 31, 2013


                                                               Photos from google
I am not sure how my Dad met them, but he was friends with at least one and maybe a couple of Warlords in China.  Unfortunately I don't really remember.  He would often go out riding with them.  He also went hunting and fishing with them.  Here are a few of his favorite stories.

Once he and his Warlord friend and some of his men went fishing on an amphibian.  When they got to the spot where they wanted to fish, the men and the warlord took out sticks of dynamite or maybe grenades and threw them into the water.  This stunned the fish and they would then get into the water and just pick up the fish.

Other times they would go duck hunting and this is how they did it.  After arriving at just they right spot, they would walk quite a distance to get to where the ducks were.  They would be wearing waterproof suits and would then wade out into the lake.  They would go underwater with a long reed in their mouth through which they would breath air.  As they passed under the ducks, they would grab them by the legs, pull them under the water and wring their necks.  This is not the kind of fishing my Dad loved, but he did enjoy his time with his friends.

Whenever George, my Dad,  would go to visit his friend the Warlord, he would always be treated to a special meal.  Often the meal would include a very special "treat" that was unusual to the white man.  They ate all sorts of insects, snakes, and other various "delicacies".  My Dad said that he could eat just about anything they gave him except for one time.  They were sitting around in the tent talking, smoking, and  eating.  At the end of the meal they were to have a special treat.  The servants brought in a round table with a small hole cut out of the middle of it.  The men gathered around the table and waited excitedly for their treat.  The servants then brought in a live monkey which they had tied up.  They then put the monkey under the table with the head sticking up through the hole.   (stop reading if you don't want to read the graphic next step)

The next step was to smash the head of the screaming monkey with a wooden mallet.  The skull was then removed and the men ate the still warm brains.  My Father said he could not handle that.  He had to make a quick run out of the tent where he was sick to his stomach.

Saturday, March 30, 2013


 No, we did not eat Subway at Chinatown.  Somehow the picture posted in the middle and I don't know how to change it.  I took the picture of the Sub sandwich because we had it the other day for lunch.  Usually we just bring our lunch and I usually only take only about 10 minutes.  Sometimes it's a little bit longer.  I am so busy at the office that I usually need to just get back to work.  Anyway this day we just felt like having a Subway and there is one just a few blocks away from the office.  The sandwich was quite good, but expensive as most things are here in Montreal.  We paid over $16.00 for two.
There is a little Chinatown here in Montreal not too far from us.  It has little grocery stores, lots of souvenir shops, and lots of restaurants.  We ate at a super yummy Chinese buffet.  We both really like it a lot and have been there a couple of times already.  

When I was young and we lived in San Francisco, we often went to Chinatown to eat dinner.  My parents loved to go there to eat with their friends.  They really didn't like to go out to eat to other restaurants because they said they could cook better food than they could get at those restaurants.  So, very often they would call their friends they with their kids and we would all go out to eat.  Parking was always a problem, so we would usually have to park far away.  We didn't mind at all.  We loved walking through Chinatown, looking in all the windows, going into the little shops and sometimes buying little things.  We often ate at the same restaurant, but no matter which one we chose to eat at, my Dad would always go into the kitchen and talk to the main cook.  He could speak Chinese really well and he would go in and talk to the kitchen staff.  He was the kind of guy who talked to everyone and everyone loved him.  The staff and chef were always surprised that he could speak Chinese and they enjoyed chatting with him.  They ALWAYS brought out some special dish that they made just for him.    Some of the things they brought were unusual to us Westerners, but we always tried it.  When we would go to our favorite restaurant, he would always have a little treat that he would take into the kitchen for the staff.  On the way back to the car, we often bought a little bag of pine nuts or some other little treat to nibble on.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Notre -Dame- des-Neiges Cemetery

 On the way home from our outing last Saturday to Cabin de Sucre, we drove through the Notre Dame Cemetery in the center of Montreal.  It is the hugest cemetery that I have ever visited.  It is located on 343 acres of beautiful countryside on the top of Mount Royal.  It is full of chapels and huge mausoleums, lovely large tombstones and small markers.  There are large sections devoted to different countries.  We happened to drive through one that had many of the headstones engraved in Russian.  Another section was English, another oriental, and then French.  There were headstones from so many different countries.  All around are beautiful trees and lovely paths.

                                               At the very top is this gorgeous church.

                                              There are many entrances into the cemetery.

                                                 Fields and fields of graves.

These mausoleums look small in the photos, but in reality they are very large.

                             This one is build into a rock and the blue is a new one being built.
                                                See the statue of Mary in the crevice?

                 This is a tiny part of the University of Montreal that backs up right to the cemetery.

Just a photo of the contrast of old buildings and new ones right next to each other that we saw on the way back to our apartment.  Our apartment is actually not far from here at all, just about a 10 minute drive in traffic.