Monday, July 30, 2012

Look Who's Two

 On July 8th Reggie turned 2 years old.  Where did the time go?  He was just a sweet little baby and now he's a handsome, big boy.  Andrea and Yoho had a big birthday bash for him.
 Reggie delighted in his cake.  This actually came after the food, but my photos are not in the correct order.
 There were lots of guests both young and old and in between.
 We were set up outside in our backyard and the dessert table was indoors.

 J is having fun dating Clayton.  Ahhh, young love!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Andrea had fun party favors and bubbles for all of the little kids.
 Andrea and Yoho know how to throw a great party.  There was tons of Brazilian food.  Oh it is sooo yummy.
 They worked hard setting everything up.

 The little kids had pools to splash in and little crafts too.  The cereal and candy necklaces are always a big hit.

 Cousins from Oregon got to attend.  We loved seeing the Nadaulds.  They are awesome.

 Emma came from Oregon too and we got to know her a little bit better.  We wish they didn't all live so far away from us.  We love and miss our family far away.

I'm quite sure everyone had a great time visiting and partying.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Independence Day FHE

 Our Empty Nesters group meets once a month for FHE.  Even though our nest is not quite empty, we love to go meet with this group.  We always have lots of fun.  This month we celebrated Independence Day.  After having a wonderful BBQ dinner we settled down to listen to the program.  Several members shared stories and events from their own lives or the lives of their ancestors that had to do with independence.
We had a little quiz about America and her history.
 I talked a bit about wars and especially about Flanders Fields which I always thought was just one field.  After living in Belgium and France, I found out that there are many areas that are all called Flanders Fields because that is where the war took place.  The war moved around and therefore there are many fields.  Many, many lives were lost. I always feel sad when I think about the young men, the cream of the crop, who give their lives so that others can live in freedom.  I then recited one of my favorite poems:  On Flanders Field.
 John played a few patriotic numbers on his harmonica.  Everyone really loved that.
The leader of our group is Mary Gayle and she always does a wonderful job in planning the program.  We all take turns bringing refreshments.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Capes and Quilts

 A few weeks ago little Joneaux called me and told me that he needed a batman cape. After talking to his Mommy I found out that what he really wanted was a red cape, so Grams got to work.  Of course I had to make one for little Reggie too.
 Of course seeing him in it is the best part.  I'm pretty sure he likes it.   Reggie wouldn't keep his on, so I have to get a photo of him later.
 While shopping I found this darling little bunk bed and had to get it for Tal.
 I made little mattresses and pillows.
 Then I made 2 little quilts out of scraps.
 The dollies are comfortable.
 And, Tal was thrilled with them.  "Can I take it home?" she asked.  When I told her yes she was so excited.  "Really, for me?" she exclaimed.  I love how cute they are.