Monday, February 10, 2014

Monuments Men

 Today after working at the office we decided to go and see The Monuments Men.  It was a really good film.  This true story was very interesting and I really enjoyed it a lot.
The film follows a platoon of 7 men during World War II who are given the task of saving many great pieces of art as well as other culturally important items before their impending destruction by Hilter.
 I loved seeing the Bruges Madonna and Child and vividly remembered going there to see it in personl when we were in Belgium.  It truly is a beautiful piece of art and one of those that was saved by the men.

 I also remember the gorgeous cathedral which houses the Madonna and Child.  Belgium and France are full of many beautiful cathedrals and churches.  Unfortunately they are now mostly empty except for the tourists.

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  1. We've been looking forward to this film ever since seeing the trailer for the first time! We will have to go!